Dirt Bike News - RonnieMac Fights Off a 4-Stoker and Wins the Hoosier Arenacross Series

Dirt Bike News - RonnieMac Fights Off a 4-Stoker and Wins the Hoosier Arenacross Series

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What a week to be alive and riding my dirt bike! We had around 6 or 9 of the Hoosier Arenacross series in Springfield MO this past weekend and boy was it a doozie! Night 1 went ok.  I struggled with my start in the dash for cash!  I probably came out of the first turn around 6th or 9th and work my way up a few spots!  Short lap times in AX, so in a 4 lap race, I’ve only got about 69 seconds to make it happen!

On night 2, I knew that I needed a better start!  I made some bike changes with gearing and put a hole start button on the Screamin Eagle.  Full Of confidence, I ripped over the gate and rounded the first turn leading the pack!  About halfway through the race, I had a great battle going on with some dumb 4 stroke rider.  I made a small mistake in the whoops.  I knew I only had about 6 or 9 seconds to retaliate, so I had to give him a little “Stuff Muff” and put him over the berm.  I felt bad but that’s what he gets for riding a commie 4 stroke!  Ron was back on top. Imagine that.

RonnieMac Hoosier Dirt Bike Event

It’s been kinda a crappy week in Oklahoma weather-wise.  We got a little bit of snow and yer Uncle isn’t the biggest fan of cold weather.  The only upside is you don’t have to buy ice for yer beer cooler!  With the weather being shit, I decided to take care of business that didn’t involve going outside.  I organized my trailer and did some grocery shopping.  I got my fridge stocked up with the essentials!  Plenty of good training food for next week!  I also got my monthly STD test done!  I pass with flying colors!  I got an A, B, and C in hepatitis.  The doctors were very impressed!  Yer Uncle just can’t lose in 22!

I’ve been talking to the People at “Day in the Dirt down south” about coming down and winning the Cootergraw race!  It’s long.  About 69 mins to be exact but yer Uncle is in peak fitness, and we all know how I love going to down south.  I’m hoping to see y’all down there!  That’s all for this week!  See y’all!


Keep it Twisted,

Yer favorite Uncle,


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