Just Gonna Send It Sticker

Just Gonna Send It Sticker

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I’m just gonna send it and worry about the rest later.

The saying created by fellow Team 69 athlete and all-around badass, Larry Enticer, are the words to live by! Fear can hold us back from greatness! Being scared is something that everyone goes through, but you just have to tell yourself one thing, “I’m just gonna send it and worry about the rest later.” The greatest things happen when all caution is thrown towards the wind. Order the sticker today and we are “just gonna send” it to you in the next 69 hours! Enjoy 

Display "Just Gonna Send It" sticker on your truck and car windows, tumblers, laptops, printers, water bottles, helmet, tool chest, and more.

This decal is made out of automotive-grade materials, safe for all surfaces, and will remove cleanly when the time comes. It is cut around the shape for an easy install. DIY Installation. Automotive-grade materials make it UV and water-resistant. Clean removability. All stickers are printed using our top-of-the-line printing specifications to ensure all stickers are vibrant and make a bold statement. Sticker is printed on white glossy vinyl, it's weatherproof, and great for outdoor use or wherever you would like to stick it.  

Easy installation on any clean smooth flat or semi-curved surfaces.


  • Top of the line printing process
  • High-quality sticker paper
  • Water-resistant Laminated
  • Scratch Resistant
  • UV Protection
  • Weatherproof
  • Durable

Dimensions: Measures approximately 2.5-inches tall x 5-inches wide.


Is the "Just Gonna Send It" dirt bike sticker dishwasher safe?
Yes, the stickers are heavy-duty and water-resistant. Feel free to wash your dishwasher-safe water bottles and tumblers.

Can I place the stickers on my laptop?
Yes, the stickers can be placed on any clean hard surface including a laptop.

Can I place the stickers on my car windows?
Yes, make sure that you wash and clean the car windows before applying the dirt bike sticker. We recommend that you only add the car stickers to the window where they will not block your line of sight.