The 69 Bundle


Yeehaw, folks! RonnieMac here, and I've got somethin' special for ya this Black November, Friday, I don't know. We're talkin' the ultimate Moto bundle that'll make you the king of your own dirt track.

First up, we got the Little Ronnie Collector Plush. Now, this ain't just any ol' stuffed toy. No sir, this is a mini version of yours truly, ready to ride shotgun on all your wild adventures. Next in line is the Screamin Eagle Collector Edition Bike. It ain't just a bike, it's a Screamin Eagle, the same beast I ride when I'm tearin' up the track. This baby will make your heart race faster than a hare at a greyhound meet.

But wait, there's more. We got the Crossbones Magnetic Bottle Opener, perfect for poppin' open a cold one after a long day of ridin'. Then there's the RonnieMac themed temporary tattoos - slap 'em on and show the world who your Moto hero is. And finally, for those hot summer days or tailgating parties, we got the Crossbones Cooler. Keep your beers icy cold and your spirits high. Get your hands on this Black Friday special, and live life the RonnieMac way!