That’s the burning question, right?  Whether you believe in me, or you don’t there’s always speculation!  I only have one thing to say to people.  Ronnie Mac may or may not be a real person, it’s more of a lifestyle!  When you see one of your buddies at the track not giving a shit what other people think and dirt bike riding this piss out of whatever he throws his leg over, that’s Ronnie Mac.  Ronnie Mac lives inside all of us!  Not only is he going to send it every time, but he’s a man of the people!  Kind to children and smooth with the ladies.  Men want to be him, women want to be with him, and kids want to grow into something like him.  I know that we started off pretty rough around the edges and to be fair that’s all part of me still but the older I get, I realize that I’m setting examples for kids all around the world!  That being said, I don’t want our kids growing up how society wants them to these days.  They are molding a bunch of pussies!  I don’t mean to be rude, but kids these days need better role models than what’s being put in front of them.  I was raised with a “get tough work hard” attitude.  Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can NEVER hurt me! I feel like people these days are allowing our kids and themselves to take shit way too personally.

I love interacting with younger fans at the dirt bike races!  I may like to drink 6 or 9 PBRs and have a good time, but anyone who has been to one of my events knows that I will always have a smile on my face.  I ride hard, and with every fan that comes through the autograph line, I give them a little piece of my heart.  Lots of people think that I’m a horrible, awful, rude person.  Those are the ones that have just gathered an opinion from some of my videos where I talk crap on my competition.  They have never seen me interact with the general public. I will NEVER let those people upset me or change the way I operate.

Like I said, Ronnie Mac is a way of life!  A man's man who doesn’t take any shit, but also gives back to the people.  Loves to have a good time, drink PBRs, and kiss pretty ladies.  

Play hard folks, but work even harder! Remember, If y’all don’t believe in Santa, y’all ain't getting no presents under the tree ;)


Keep it twisted,

Yer favorite Uncle,



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