Youth - Character Hoodie

Color: Irish Green

Alright, ya little rippers! Get ready to rock the playground with this Ronnie Mac's Sky-Pointin' Kiddo Hoodie. Featuring none other than yours truly, Ronnie Mac, in my signature overalls, pointin' up to the big blue yonder like a real champ!

Made from the softest, toughest, most badass material on planet Earth, this hoodie ain't just for show - it's gonna keep you warm when the wind's howlin' and the mud's flyin'. With this baby on your back, you'll be the coolest cat at the track, or school, or wherever else you crazy kids hang out these days.

What are you waitin' for? Grab a Ronnie Mac's Sky-Pointin' Kiddo Hoodie, and let the world know you're a future motocross legend in the making! Just remember, no one rides like Ronnie Mac, but there ain't no harm in tryin'!

Width, in 16.93 18.11 18.90 20.08
Length, in 21.26 22.44 24.02 25.59
Sleeve length (from center back), in 26.50 27.76 30.24 32.99