Ride Fast Bumper Sticker


Hey there, you bunch of hooligans! It's your boy Ronnie Mac 69 here, and I've got somethin' real special for ya. Feast your eyes on this beauty - the Ronnie Mac 69 'Ride Fast' Character Bumper Sticker!

This ain't no ordinary bumper sticker, oh no! This is pure, unadulterated Ronnie Mac style. We're talkin' RACING-inspired lettering that screams "RIDE FAST", 'cause if you ain't ridin' fast, well, you're doin' it wrong, son!

But that ain't all - over on the left, there's a picture of yours truly, pointing right up to the sky. Why? 'Cause that's where we're headed, boys and girls - straight to the top! because RON'S ON TOP.

So go ahead, slap this bad boy on your ride and let everyone on the road know who you roll with. The Ronnie Mac 69 'Ride Fast' Character Bumper Sticker - it's the only way to ride.