That's a great question! And to be honest the answer has to be the original 1998 Cr 250 dirt bike Nassa built rocketship! I really enjoy every eagle in its own special way but the 250 will always be my first love and hold a very very special place in my heart! That being said, lemme break them down for you!

125cc Screamin Eagle Dirt Bike

Aka Baby Eagle, this bat outta hell is fast! Don’t be fooled by the name, this birdie packs some major punch! Sometimes I really enjoy the 125 cause it feels about 69lbs lighter than the 250 Screamer! That means it's optimum for scrubbing the sheeeeeoooooot outta any jump or bump on yer local speedway! Let's be honest, Nothing on the planet sound as sick as a good running 125 2-stroke as well! The front of my pants gets really crowded when I hear the baby revving on the stand! So horny I’m Blind! Time to ride!!!!!!

250cc Screamin Eagle Dirt Bike

This here bike is my pride and joy! My firstborn… My glory child! No bike will ever match this wild stallion! It’s experienced my finest victories and my most devastating defeats! She’s been through it all with yer uncle! With the first-generation Cr aluminum frame, it’s harder than a middle school boy watching cheerleading practice! Makes for optimum control through any condition yer dirt bike track can throw at you! The power is unreal as well folks! With 69hp cumming off the rear tire, this satan spawned bird can Airwheelie any gap and berm blast any turn from here to Uranus! This bike is out of this world! Stamp it.

500cc Screamin Eagle Dirt Bike

Aka Magnum Eagle. This bike is not a toy! To operate the wild beast you have to be suffering from the disease elephantiasis of the testicles! This animal is endangered as it gets! More rear than a negative STD test for me, this bird shits and gets! When you grab a handle full of hell on the throttle, shell damn near spit yer ass straight off the back! Vibrating harder than the toys in yer mom’s bedside table, it will make yer hands go numb in 69 seconds and yer girl gets off in 6 or 9 seconds when she’s riding on the back. Men want to ride this bike and women want their men to ride this bike! Complete panty dropper! The Magnum eagle is the king of any track anywhere! This bird fux.

Keep it twisted

Yer favorite uncle,


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