Youth - Air-Wheelie Lightning Eagle Shirt

Color: Black

"Yeehaw! Get ready to tear it up with Ronnie Mac's Air-Wheelie Lightning Eagle 69 Shirt! This ain't your average, run-of-the-mill kiddo shirt, folks. No siree! This here is a statement piece that says, "I'm all about the speed, the stunts, and the straight-up awesomeness of Ronnie Mac!"

Front and center, you've got yours truly, Ronnie Mac, bustin' out an air wheelie like only I can. Behind me? That's my trusty Screamin' Eagle, lookin' fierce as ever with lightning bolts cracklin' in the background. And because we're all about the classics, we've even thrown in the legendary number 69 into the mix.

Made from the most durable, comfortable, and downright amazing material this side of the Mississippi, this shirt is ready for whatever your wild child can throw at it. Plus, with its eye-poppin' design and bold colors, it's sure to turn heads wherever they go.

So, what are you waitin' for? Grab a Ronnie Mac's Air-Wheelie Lightning Eagle 69 Kiddo Shirt today, and let your kiddo show off their love for the greatest motocross rider of all time - me, Ronnie Mac!"

  S M L XL
Width, in 15.24 16.26 17.24 18.23
Length, in 20.87 22.13 23.39 24.37