Youth - Character Shirt

Color: Black

Listen up, little rippers! It's time to step up your style game with the Ronnie Mac's Sky-Pointin' Overall-Wearin' Kiddo Shirt! This ain't just a shirt, it's a ticket to the fast lane, a declaration of daredevil spirit, and a salute to the one and only Ronnie Mac!

Front and center on this bad boy, you'll find me, Ronnie Mac, decked out in my signature overalls and pointin' straight up to the sky. Why? Because that's where we're headed, kiddos - straight to the top!

But don't think we've skimped on quality for this epic design. No way, Jose! This shirt is made from the toughest, softest material out there, ready to handle anything from dirt track races to schoolyard shenanigans. And with its vibrant colors, your little daredevil will be the talk of the town.

So don't wait around! Snag a Ronnie Mac's Sky-Pointin' Overall-Wearin' Kiddo Shirt today. Let your kiddo show the world they've got the guts, the glory, and the style of the undisputed king of motocross - yours truly, Ronnie Mac!


  S M L XL
Width, in 15.24 16.26 17.24 18.23
Length, in 20.87 22.13 23.39 24.37