4-Strokes Suck Character Peeing Sticker


Unleash your inner rebel with the RonnieMac 'Peeing on 4-Strokes' Sticker. This isn't just a sticker, it's a bold statement from the king of motocross himself - RonnieMac.

This badass decal features the iconic character of RonnieMac, the two-stroke maestro, in a cheeky pose, taking a leak on a '4-strokes suck' sign. This audacious design is a clear message to all - in RonnieMac's world, it's two-strokes or nothing!

Crafted from premium vinyl that's as tough as the man himself, this sticker is ready to ride with you, whether you stick it on your bike, your board, your window, or any other surface that needs a dose of edgy attitude.

So why wait? Grab this sticker and join the ranks of the two-stroke faithful. Show the world you're not just part of the RonnieMac kingdom, but a motocross renegade who lives life on the edge!