Lots of excited stuff happening this week with yer favorite uncle!  I got the news that me n Colby Raha are going to be doing a couple more Urban dirt bike riding videos!  This time we are hitting two new cities! Gnar factory sent some ramps to me as well so maybe we will ad Tulsa or OKC to that list!  Stay tuned to find out!

I also got the news that Screamin Eagle and BRC (an engine performance company) are teaming up and building a 509cc magnum eagle!  This is something I’ve always wanted!  In a perfect world, I will really love this BRC 509 Magnum Eagle and it will become my primary eagle!  I feel like recently, when I show up omg the gate with a 450 4 stroke, the Screamin Eagle’s wings must be getting tired cause im getting pulled a bit!  With the BRC 509 Magnum Eagle, I won’t has any problems smoking any 4 stroke that comes within a 69 mile radius of yer Uncle.  I’m really hoping to dial it in enough to race the Rimskin on her this October!

Just to let y’all know, I’m going to be having another birthday party on 6/9/2023 coming up! Last time we had it, it was a full day of dirt bikes over the weekend but this year we are just looking the have a fun Friday night at Oklahoma Motorsports Complex!  Open Practice from 6-9pm.  Free birthday cup cakes for the kids!

Keep it twisted,
Yer favorite Uncle,

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