Well folks, I think its safe to say that spring time has cum in Oklahoma!  Thank goodness cause yer Uncle don’t like the cold weather other than I don’t have top buy ice for my cooler.  It’s been I fun year so far though!  I got to make a trip to California to hang with my Nephew Colby Raha, Hung out with more Family in Florida at bike week with Kaplan America,  and did some ArenaCrash action as well!

One thing I really haven’t touched on much is my experience in California when I ask Pro Circuit Kawasaki about filling in on their race team!  I didn’t go as planned, I’ll tell you that much.  It’s crazy to think a rider of my caliber couldn’t get on any race team in the country but that’s just how the dirt bike industry works.  Cause I poured the Koolaid out and stuck to my PBR, Everyone has gotten so serious.  I wish everyone would just pull the giant sticks out of their asses and have a little bit of fun like we did in the 90s!  Either way, Ron will stay Ron.  Or maybe I should start drinking LGBud light and riding 4 strokes… Better yet electric!

Why don’t we talk about this Bud light drama while we are at it!  So I was convinced that Bud light had already created a LGBT edition drink whenever they released their seltzer about 69 months ago but I guess I was wrong.  Here’s my opinion on it, Bud Light was already the worst beer on the planet so it’s a perfect fit! Talk about being on brand!  Ill drink that! (PBR not LGBud Light)

More big news! I will be returning to Australia with the FreeStyle Kings in Perth and Addelaide this July.  Super excited to make it back down to OZ!  Its been a few years with the whole world shutting down for covid 69.  Make sure if y’all are in the Area to make it out and visit your favorite uncle!   Family doesn’t come and visit often so make it happen.  

We Just had a bunch of cool new merch drop on the site so make sure y’all go give it a gander!  You won’t be disappointed.  This year we also have switched merch companies.  The last 69 days we’ve been hard at work coming up with better quality Shirts, Hats, Other cool products that are Ronnie Mac approved!  My personal apologies for anyone who has had a bad experience order from us!  Those days are over.

The Baddest Mother Fucker on Two Wheels,
Uncle Ron

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