What's up y’all! It’s your Uncle Ron here!  With the new year coming around, that means one thing! Supercross season!   We are 3 rounds in minus 1 cause the Turd Floater that took place in Oakland!  And you’d never guess it, both the dudes with number 1 plates from last season are winning.  Shocker! 

Eli Tomac has been dominating alongside Jett Lawrence in the 250 class.  With Supercross not letting ole Ron out there, it’s been making it too easy on them!  I actually went to A1 and signed autographs with my brother from another mother, Logan Karnow!  it was a great time.  It was supposed to only last like 69 minutes but I think it took about 6 or 9 hours to get through the line that seemed to be never-ending!  The longest line in the pits! I have the best fans.

RonnieMAc Supercross Stunt

Autograph lines are always interesting seeing the new things I’ll sign.  Obviously, boobies and girl butts are my favorite but I think I also signed some toilet paper and a dog.  All sorts of weirdos in line so I felt right at home.  I'm looking to make it to Tampa sx for another signing with Logan so stay tuned!

Recently, I’ve been hitting up the General Tire Ax series here in the Midwest!  We did Kansas City last weekend and Wichita Kansas is this weekend!  I had a bit of a run in the one of the head-to-head races but y’all know Ron came out on top as usual!  My brother from another mother Derek from Fooligan vlogs on the you tubes was down for action.  We will both be in Wichita this weekend so if y’all are local in the area, come and have a beer with yer favorite Uncle this weekend if yer into some 2 wheel, 2 stroke action!

Til next time folks!

Yer favorite uncle,

Ronnie 69

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