So as y’all prolly know, A couple weeks ago in Kansas City at the General Tire Arenacross, during the ,match racing I had a bit of a run in with a fellow racer.  He happened to find himself in a metal fence after I made the pass on him in a corner.  Anyways, the peeps weren’t very happy with your uncle.  In my opinion , it was a very fair pass but I guess there were some people that thought I did the young pro racer pretty dirty.  

After Long thought of my actions, part of me felt bad.  Not because it was a dirty move or the I sent him into next Tuesday when I made contact with him, but because I realize that the Kids I’m racing against now a days were once Uncle Ronnie fans as kids.  I’d like to think these days that I’m everyone's Uncle.  That means that family is always first.  Even tho this kid was riding a 4 stroke with floppy dick fenders, douching his way around the track, I should be the better person and help this youngster!

RonnieMac at the Arenacross event doing an air wheelie

This weekend we went to our second appearance at GT Arenacross this year in Wichita Kansas!  Man was it a great event, very nice arena, and even better track build!  Had a lot of fun riding!  Even got to go rip the pit bike race on a borrowed 65 2 stroke! But I knew I need to go make things right.  The night before, Bryan and I decide to go the strip club but we got kick out again.  Bryan and I still do get the no touching rule so that happens from time to time but anyways, back to the point!  The left over money from the club was sitting in why pocket so I figured what better way to apologize they with some cash money!  69 one dollar bills later, the apology was accepted and peace was made!  Bottom line is that I may be a son of bitch, but I also am not here to take advantage of the poor or slow.  Think of me like a horny Robin Hood with a bigger dick and a dirt bike.  I’m always trying to fight for the right reason these days!  Hope y’all are proud! If not, Suck my dick.

Keep it Twisted,
Yer fav Uncle,

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