Air Wheelie Hard Cover Journal

Size: Journal

Get ready to soar into a new school year with our dynamic and captivating hardcover journal. As you embrace your passion for motocross, this journal showcases the adrenaline-pumping moment when Ronniemac defies gravity, executing a jaw-dropping air wheelie on the iconic Screamin' Eagle bike. The powerful illustration captures the essence of motocross culture and adds a burst of excitement to your daily note-taking.

  • Full wraparound print
  • 150 lined pages (75 sheets)
  • Matte finish
  • Casewrap binding

Key Features:

  • Striking Red Hardcover: Stand out from the crowd with this eye-catching red hardcover that exudes confidence and energy, making it the perfect statement piece for your back-to-school essentials.
  • High-Quality Paper: The premium quality, acid-free paper guarantees a smooth writing experience, making it a delightful canvas for your thoughts, doodles, and sketches.
  • Generous Size: With ample space, this journal allows you to record your lecture notes, jot down assignments, and express your creativity freely.
  • Motocross Inspiration: Celebrate the thrill of motocross with the captivating illustration of Ronniemac pulling off an awe-inspiring air wheelie on the legendary Screamin' Eagle bike.