Beer Goggles


The BEER Optics goggle is designed with two major factors in mind, function and price. The “Black” goggle has a general face fit with all of the features needed for excellent dust and debris protection as un-matched comfort. “EVERY THING LOOKS BETTER THROUGH BEER OPTICS!”


  • Pliable “Polyflex” urethane frame material contours to your face for ultimate comfort and protection.

  • The “GOX” frame is equipped with the highest quality Polycarbonate, shatter resistant, anti-scratch & anti-fog coated lens available. It has 100% UVA protection and is the leader in lens attributes and function.


  • The “Black” moto-goggle comes standard with a tinted anti-fog-coated Polycarbonate lens that has 100% UVA protection.
  • BEER OPTICS replacement lenses are available in a variety of tints.


  • “Hydrophilic” EO1-5 two layer, fleece lined face-foam forms to the face with an amazing seal and moisture wicking comfort.

  • 17mm thick, 4-layer face-foam is backed with a moisture wicking fleece lining providing the best anti drip, sweat protection available.


  • Adjustable double buckle woven strap is silicone backed for excellent placement and hold.