Keep It Twisted Can Koozie Sleeve

Color: White
Size: One size

Add a touch of thrill to your beverage experience with our Keep It Twisted can koozie sleeve. Inspired by your favorite Uncle Ronnie, this koozie sleeve is designed to exhibit your audacious spirit and love for speed. With its cool twisted design in the middle and a stylish checkered design on both sides, it's bound to make your drink 69% more exciting!

Made from durable, slip-resistant neoprene, this sleeve ensures your beverage stays cool and your hands dry. It fits standard 12 oz cans perfectly and has a black interior for an added sense of style. The collapsible design makes it easy to store and carry around, making it your perfect companion for BBQs, or watching Moto on the track.

Key Features:

Keep It Twisted Design: Features our iconic twisted design on the front and a checkered on the back, signifying your passion for speed and showcasing your audacity to excel in every pursuit.

Material: Made from durable, slip-resistant neoprene that keeps your drink cool for longer.

Fits Standard 12 oz Cans: Perfectly designed to fit standard 12 oz cans.

Black Interior: Adds a sleek touch to the overall design.

Collapsible Design: Makes it easy to store and carry around.

Thickness: Comes with a thickness of 1/4" (0.63 cm) that provides a comfortable grip.

Get ready to elevate your beverage experience or simply express your unique style with this adrenaline-pumping Keep It Twisted can koozie sleeve. Whether you're gearing up for a race or a chill evening, this koozie sleeve will keep your drink cool and your style hot!