Keep It Twisted Car Seat Covers

Size: 48.03" × 18.50"
Color: Black

Elevate your driving experience with our Keep It Twisted car seat covers. Inspired by your favorite Uncle Ronnie, these seat covers are designed to exhibit your audacious spirit and love for speed. With a cool twisted design in the middle and a stylish checkered pattern on both sides, they're bound to make your ride 69% more exciting!

These custom seat covers add a personal touch to any car and offer protection for your seats. Made with high-quality, thick polyester fabric, they ensure long-lasting durability and comfort. The elastic fastening system provides a secure, snug fit and allows for quick, tool-free installation. Each set contains two identical seat covers, ensuring a uniform look.

Key Features:

Keep It Twisted Design: Showcases our iconic twisted design in the middle and a checkered motif top and bottom, signifying your passion for speed and showcasing your audacity to excel in every pursuit.

  • High Quality Thick Polyester Fabric: Made from top-tier thick polyester fabric that ensures long-lasting durability and comfort.
  • One Set Contains Two Seat Covers: Ensures a uniform look with identical designs printed on both covers.
  • Quick and Easy Installation: Comes with an elastic fastening system for a secure, snug fit and easy, tool-free installation.
  • Black Back Cover: Adds a sleek touch to the overall design.
  • These car seat covers should NOT be used on a seat with side airbags.

Get ready to hit the road with style or simply express your unique style with these adrenaline-pumping Keep It Twisted car seat covers. Whether you're gearing up for a race or a long drive, these seat covers will keep your car's interior protected and your style fresh and on point.