Merica Crossbones Mullet


Get Ready to Rip with American Pride!

Hey there, you crazy sons of freedom! It's your boy Ronnie Mac here, and I got somethin' that's gonna blow your mind – the Ronnie Mac 'Merica Crossbones Mullet! That's right, folks. This ain't just any headgear; this is the bald eagle of head coverings, a piece of pure American awesomeness.

Key Features:

  • Stars and Stripes Design: We got ourselves a head covering that's plastered with the good ol' American flag. You'll be reppin' the red, white, and blue like a true patriot.
  • Badass Crossbones Logo: Right smack dab on the front, we slapped a crossbones logo 'cause why the heck not? It adds that extra shot of badassery.
  • Built-In Mullet Hair: Don't have time to grow out that mullet? No problem! This baby comes with a glorious mullet attached. Business in the front, party in the back, baby!
  • Comfy as Heck: Made from top-notch, breathable stuff, so you can comfortably rip it up all day long. Whether you're at the track, a tailgate, or just chuggin' beers, you'll be feelin' fine.
  • One Size Fits All: Adjustable closure means it's gonna fit your noggin perfectly, no matter how big or small.