Air Wheelie Shirt

Color: Black

RonnieMac Air Wheelie T-Shirt, a must-have for every dirt bike enthusiast! Iconic RonnieMac character, known for his daring stunts and audacious style.

The design features RonnieMac in his classic attire — a pair of overalls, a vibrant yellow jersey, and his signature '69' dirt bike goggles. He strikes a pose, pointing upwards, as if ready to pull off an epic air wheelie. It's not just a shirt; it's a statement that screams confidence and a love for adrenaline-filled sports.

This t-shirt is your ideal companion for a day at the dirt bike track, an Arenacross event, or just a casual day out. It loudly proclaims your allegiance to the 2-stroke engines and subtly jabs at the 4-strokes. Whether you're a motocross fanatic, an off-roading adventurer, or just someone who appreciates a good dirt bike ride, this shirt is a perfect fit for you. It also makes an excellent gift for like-minded friends.

RonnieMac is known for its commitment to quality, and this t-shirt is no exception. Made from 100% cotton, it ensures comfort and durability. 


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Length, in 27.99 29.49 30.98 32.25 32.99 33.50