Whip 'Em Out Shirt

Color: Solid Black

Hey there, ya bunch of two-stroke lovin' dirt bike junkies! I'm Ronnie Mac 69, and I've got just the piece of gear for you. It's time to show off your love for the wild side with my new "Whip 'Em Out" stunt shirt!

This shirt ain't like any other. It features a heart-pounding design of yours truly, Ronnie Mac 69, busting out one of my signature WHIP stunts high in the sky! I'm talking about the kind of whip that makes your granny clutch her pearls and your buddies holler in awe.

Crafted from the finest threads, this shirt is as tough and comfortable as an old pair of boots. It's perfect for long days at the track, wrenching in the garage, or just kicking back with a cold one after a hard day's ride.

But don't just buy it because it's comfy - buy it because it's a statement. This shirt says you're not afraid to Whip 'Em Out and go big. It's a tribute to those who live life wide open, just like me, Ronnie Mac 69.

So, what are you waiting for, ya dingus? Grab your "Whip 'Em Out" stunt shirt today and join the Ronnie Mac 69 crew. It's time to show the world how we do things on the dirt track!

Width, in 17.48 19.02 20.51 22.01 24.02 26.02 27.99 30.00
Length, in 27.01 27.99 29.02 30.00 31.02 32.01 32.99 34.02
Sleeve length, in 7.09 7.48 7.87 8.27 8.66 9.06 9.45 9.84