Well folks, we just got back to Oklahoma from being down at bike week in Florida!  Dayton RCSX was our first stop.  Yer Uncle Ron dominated the  competition as usual!  I kicked so much ass in the first motos that they didn’t even let me race Moto 2!  It was either that or the fact I did a big ole burnout with a bunch of bikers after my race and security kick us out, but who knows!  

I was pretty bummed though.  My Father I never had ,“Kaplan America” brought me a 1997 Cr 500 to race at Daytona but I ended up locking up the engine the day before the race testing.   After that happened we just decided to race the Ass Ass Screamin Eagle and take the checkered on that!  After riding the 500, I thought to myself, ”why doesn’t yer Uncle have Magnum Eagle?”. Ive decide we are going to build a 509 Screamin Eagle!  Lookin forward to burning the dirt up on that bad daddy this summer!

The night life in Daytona was absolutely insane!  Me and Bryan (My camera guy) had a little bit too much fun and had to sleep in the parking a lot in the van but it was worth it!  I couldn’t believe how many people recognized me.  I feel like I’m a little hard to pick out of a crowd so someone must have let everyone know I coming!  Never had to pay for drink all night!  

That sums up the Daytona trip!  We had a badass time and definitely will be back next year!Keep it twisted,

Yer favorite Uncle,

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